Since its foundation in the year 1995 to the day it achieved the coveted ‘A’ grade in NAAC accreditation, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi has been relentlessly pursuing the ruthless path of growth and excellence which resulted in the growing recognition and respect for this institution in the realms of industry and academia alike.

SMS Varanasi becomes the part of a large community who is using one of the exalted E-learning platforms: Moodle; which is implemented in 70% of the best universities & institutions in the world like University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, MIT etc.

The aim behind the launch of this platform is “Education 24 x 7 and No one can stop a student to learn in any circumstances”.
Through this platform, we complete the cycle of Teaching - Learning process online from e-content deliver to its monitoring & controlling.
We deliver e-content of various management and computer science courses in the form of video lectures, Interactive Power Point Presentations (ppts), Portable Documents Format (pdf), docx, odt and in many more mediums to our bright young minds of India at SMS Varanasi.  We monitor & control their performance through assignments, quizzes and discussion forums. We also track their activities.

You can observe that this platform is not flowing information in one direction but it is bi-directional at every point, we have tracking tactics to decide our next course of action.

SMS Varanasi: LMS E-learning Platform, support email ids for different courses:



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