This co-curricular course, titled "Communication Skills and Personality Development," is recommended by the Department of Higher Education, Uttar Pradesh government, Lucknow, under the National Education Policy 2020 for all undergraduate students at state universities in Uttar Pradesh. Following are the course outcomes:

  • To understand the concept of personality
  • To learn what personal grooming pertains.
  • To learn to make good resume and prepare effectively for interview.
  • To learn to perform effectively in group discussions.
  • To explore communication beyond language.
  • To learn to manage oneself while communicating.
  • To acquire good communication skills and develop confidence.

The course seeks to establish a continuous interest in the learners to improve their thought processes with the intent to develop a new generation of responsible citizens capable of addressing complex challenges faced by society due to disruptions in human interactions affecting human values.

Upon finishing the course students will be able to come up with using ethical reasoning for decision making and frame ethical issues as well as operationalize ethical choices. The course integrates various facets of human values and environment.